"I highly recommend John Segelbaum if you need the best of the best for an attorney. If you want to win your case for whatever happened to yourself john is the one who is successful. I took a sleeping pilland had that ambient effect and was sleepwalking basically and did something foolish not even remembering it later for the most part. I managed to get myself into trouble though and it was facing jail time let alone ruining the prospect of ever getting a good job again with a criminal record!! John won my case and he was also my therapist in the aspect of listening to me and giving me advice when i was emotionally melting down. John really cared about me and my well-being not just the case and he was easy to reach on the phone when i reached out to him which tome was important!! I think of john as my hero as he rescued me literally saved my ass not only figuratively but in reality so if you want a good attorney go somewhere else... if you want a excellent attorney like John.. John is the best of the best don't settle for good reach for excellence and when you reach for the excellent attorney there's only john in my book." ED M.

"This man saved my life today. More than efficient and thorough. If you are between a rock and a hard place, this is person to see. 5 out of 5 stars. I couldn't have had a better outcome, and it was because i retained Mr. Segelbaum."  JARED .P.

"John Segelbaum did a great job in successfully defending my case ending with the best possible result. Tahks John, you get my top recommendsation. Sharp and incisive."  JOHN M.

"John...you are a very wise man and know your job thorouoghly. I hit the lottery when i hired youto be my attorney."  M.L.

"Hi john. We would like to say thanks a lot for all your help. We truly appreciate it. We will keep you in mind and refer you to other friends for future reference. You are a very great and professional attorney and we were very lucky to have you as our attorney."  J and J.

"The weight of that hanging over my head was enormous. The amount of stress and worry that was hard to put away. So John, you're the best as far as I'm concerned. Thank you." E.M.

"You are a very wise man and know your job thoroughly. I hit the lottery when I hired you to be my attorney." M.L.

"WONDERFUL news John! We cannot be more pleased! Thank you so much for all your help with our family." A.M.

"Prayers to all saints!!! What words of relief you have shared with us. Thank you so very much John! We truly appreciate it. We, and our family have you on ‘speed dial’." A.M.

"I’m trying to say after meeting and talking to you I felt comfortable I found the right guy and I’, forever grateful. You my friend, john, are the best of the best. Thank you, thank you and a heartfelt thank you...I believe you said you would get it dismissed. Thank you, John." E.M.

"John, thank you so much for your guidance and for your great work! ...Thank you John, you are the best!" L.N.

"You are a great attorney...You saved my life." B.C.

"Thanks John...for all the hard work that you put in to help me get back on my feet. Without you I don't know what would have happened, but I know it would not have been good. Thanks again, John!!" M.J.

"Thanks ever so much, John. You have been wonderful to work with. I will recommend you if the opportunity arises...Thanks again." K.G.

"John, thank you for all you did for me. You were dedicated, resolved and I appreciate your efforts every time you stood up for me. Thank you." D.F.

"Dear Mr. Segelbaum.

You are so nice to us. I would like to say 'Thank You.'" Z.Y.

"Thank you a million for helping me at my darkest hour or my life. God bless you!" F.P.


See this smile on my face? You put it there. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. - B.M.

Mr. Segelbaum:

I want to thank you for everything you put into my defense. Your valuable time, energy and expertise. Without it, the outcome of this trial would have been different. I learned a lot from this proceeding and really wonder how many people that find themselves in my position do not get the quality defense I received from you. You are an honest, straight-forward individual with great style that shines through in the courtroom. Thank you again for your quality defense...I will be forever grateful. Sincerely, D. N.

Dear Mr. Segelbaum:

Thank you for believing in me and fighting hard to clear my name. You did not settle for anything less than total victory and getting the charge dismissed. I was lucky to have you for a lawyer. - Sincerely, J. N


John you pulled off a miracle. Thank you, - G. D.

Hello John,

You gave me confidence that you would do everything you could to help me and asked me not to spend every day worrying about this problem of mine. Thank you, John - L. K.


I made a mistake and found myself in a situation where I needed help. John Segelbaum represented me and helped me resolve this matter so I could get on with my life.

In my experience with him, I found him to be professional, knowledgeable of the law and well prepared as he handled all dealings with my case. He kept me informed and gave me clear advice which gave me confidence as I dealt with the court system.

This was a stressful time in my life and I am thankful I had John on my side. - B. M.

Dear John:

Just a note that's long past due to let you know how thankful I am for meeting you and all that you did for me. You were professional, upfront, sincere, kind and I felt safe in your presence when I was scared to death. I truly appreciate all of your hard work and always quickly responding to my calls and concerns which is a wonderful virtue in this day and age". K.S.

"J tells me the second ticket was dismissed as well as the initial one. I appreciate your work. Thanks so much!" AC

"John. Thank you for your excellent representation...it appears it is behind us now. Yeah!" T.A.

"John, B just called to let me know how everything worked out. Thanks for all your help. He commented to me that, considering I basically picked your name out of the phone book, we 'lucked out'. He was impressed with how you handled the prosecutor and the court and appreciated how you dealt with him personally. Thanks again. D.S.

"John: Thanks again for your adroit handling of my case. Without your counsel and advice, I would have been completely at a loss. I can't thank you enough." M.S.

Wahoo John! Thanks so much for taking such good care of P. He sounded like a VERY happy camper. I would recommend you to anyone...Seriously, we are so appreciative of your work on behalf of P. You did a great job. JR

"I also wanted to thank you for representing me especially the last two court appearances. I felt you really stood up for me and stated my case very well and I greatly appreciated it." C.O.