DUI Punishments Alternative To Jail

Exploring Your DUI Conviction Options

Statistically, most DUI charges do not result in conviction. The majority are resolved through plea bargain negotiations that result in a lesser charge. However, some people cannot avoid being convicted of drunk driving.

Every DUI/DWI conviction carries a mandatory sentence of confinement, but there may be an alternative to jail time available to you. If you are facing a DUI charge, you will want a lawyer who understands the alternatives to jail and how to pursue them.

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Electronic Monitoring, Work Release and Community Service

The minimum jail sentence for someone convicted of DUI — as opposed to reckless or negligent driving — is one day, and the maximum is one year. Where you fall on that spectrum depends on your measured blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether you have previously been convicted of DUI.

In most cases, there are ways to either avoid or reduce time actually spent in jail.

Electronic home monitoring (EHM, also known as house arrest) is a mandatory punishment for a second or later offense, but it is also often possible, for a first conviction, to convert your jail sentence to an EHM period. If you are on EHM, you may be able to leave home to go to work.

If you are sentenced to jail time, it may also be possible to serve that sentence in a work release facility or have it converted to a period of community service.

Speak With an Attorney About Avoiding Jail Time for DUI

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